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Recognized Leader in Energy Efficiency

The average home contains dozens of devices that spend the vast majority of their time in standby or no-load conditions. Due mainly to inefficient power supplies, the energy wasted by these devices adds up to a massive burden on our economy and our environment. In fact, a 2015 study found that in an average U.S. home, products in standby or other idle conditions consumed $165 worth of electricity per year. Nationwide, this added up to an amount of power equivalent to the production of 50 large power plants.

Policymakers are implementing increasingly stringent efficiency standards in order to reduce waste. But because the electronics industry is intensely competitive, manufacturers are seeking innovative ways to reduce energy consumption without adding cost.



Power Integrations’ EcoSmart technology offers a solution. EcoSmart chips act as a brain for the power supply, not only delivering the voltage and current needed to run the product, but also intelligently managing the flow of power to maintain high efficiency even at light loads. When there is no load, EcoSmart technology effectively shuts down the power supply, resulting in near-zero consumption.



Estimated Energy Savings from EcoSmart Devices


Power Integrations has sold more than 18 billion chips with EcoSmart technology since 1998, saving more than an estimated 157 terawatt-hours of electricity. But these savings are just one benefit of Power Integrations’ products. Our products are key enablers of a wide variety of clean technologies:

e-Bikes Smart Meters Power Tools Smart Lighting
Photovoltaic Wind Railway Power Transmission


Reducing E-waste through Integration

Because of our unmatched level of integration, our products drastically reduce the number of electronic components used in power supplies. Each of our ICs eliminates numerous components such as resistors, diodes, transistors and capacitors compared to alternative designs. Similarly, each of our gate drivers can eliminate hundreds of components.

With nearly two billion ICs and more than a million gate drivers shipped annually, PI products are eliminating billions of electronics components each year, not only conserving raw materials but also reducing e-waste.



Industry Standards Involvement

Power Integrations is known to policymakers and energy-efficiency advocates around the world, and we actively support the work of standards bodies such as the U.S. ENERGY STAR® program, the California Energy Commission, the European Commission, Natural Resources Canada, and others. Our Green Room website provides a comprehensive guide to world-wide energy-efficiency standards.

We also support academic research in the field of energy efficiency. The company has contributed funds for efficiency research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and has contributed $50,000 to support an endowed research position in energy efficiency at the University of California, Davis.


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