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Motor Drives

Power Integrations offers a variety of gate driver solutions for the motor drive market up to 6500 V, with market-leading efficiency and innovative security features. Please refer to the following table to find the gate driver suitable for your need.
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Other Industrial

Power Integrations has been developing IGBT-drivers for industrial applications for over 25 years and has standard products which cover a wide variety of diverse industrial applications which includes welding, UPS systems, induction heating, x-ray and others.
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Efficiency is one of the major challenges that solar energy installations must address. Cost-optimized driver solutions are realized using Power Integrations' highly-integrated SCALE and SCALE-2 gate drivers, which enable a significant reduction in both component count and PCB size over typical solutions based on discrete driver stages.
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Power Transmission

Power Integrations has a comprehensive range of IGBT-drivers to suit a wide range of power transmission applications.
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Trams, subway trains and buses experience a high number of acceleration and deceleration cycles on a daily basis. As well as a changing electric and thermal load, the power electronics systems are also subject to vibrations. Power Integrations has developed a range of IGBT-drivers specifically to suit this demanding application.
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Power Integrations has designed highly-reliable plug-and-play drivers which have become established as the industrial standard for wind power systems, e.g. 2SP0320, 2SP0325.