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BridgeSwitch dramatically simplifies the development and production of high-voltage inverter driven single- or multi-phase PM and BLDC motor drives.


CAPZero is designed to reduce unnecessary power loss in switching supplies associated with the X capacitor discharge resistors.


The Hiper families of ICs are multi-die, heat-sinkable (through metal heat sink or copper foil of the PCB), SIP or SMD packaged modules for offline power supplies from 75 W to 400 W.


LinkSwitch ICs are low power offline switchers that incorporate both a high-accuracy controller and high voltage MOSFET into a single package.


Qspeed diodes have the lowest QRR of any Silicon diode. Their recovery characteristics increase efficiency, reduce EMI and eliminate snubbers.

SCALE-2 Driver Cores

Power Integrations' gate driver cores provide a highly flexible solution by including all commonly-required driver functions.

SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play Drivers

Power Integrations' plug-and-play products are complete, ready-to-use IGBT drivers that have been tightly matched to a specific device.

SCALE-iDriver ICs

The SCALE-iDriver gate driver ICs featuring Fluxlink technology are optimized for driving IGBTs, traditional MOSFETs and SiC MOSFETs.