Dicsam Power And Water Technology is a leading company in the field of water system.

We supply, install, distribution, testing, commissioning and maintenance of water station and required accessories.

Water Tank

Water supply most of the areas is intermittent. To meet the demand of the water supply at peak period and other periods, storage tanks are built.







Water Filtration

We are one of the leading and reliable water companies in UAE that incorporates the latest filtration technology which goes step-by-step starting from filtration to sedimentation to distillation and finally producing water which is perfectly fit for human consumption.


Pipe Fitting & Pumping Stations

Pumps in water supply system are necessary for sucking and lifting water to higher level and boosting the pressure in the distribution network.

Pumps are available in various type according to capacity and duty.

The selection for capacity of pup depends on the depth of water on the suction aside and the pumping head on the delivery side as well as the quantity of the water.

Pumps works on energy –electricity and diesel.